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Should Gay Marriage be legalised?

If we try to ruminate about ‘Gay Marriage’, we have to take into consideration various important points such as its implications on social beliefs of the people, the religious norms and human rights which should be equally accessible to both gay as well as straight couples. The social ethics and the dignity of an individual’s Right to choose are at loggerheads when we try to answer this pertinent question ‘Whether gay marriages should be be legalised? ’.

Those in favour often find it sardonic that when homosexuality is legalised then why isn’t the same with gay marriage. When we can chose our sexual companions then why not life partners? Why discretion is imposed on the gay couple which makes their relationship illegitimate and looked down upon. Another relevant argument raised is that a constitutional legitimacy may lead to social acceptance as there have been numerous instances where the formerly state argument bore fruits, say Sati Pratha.
 In spite of all this such proposals have faced formidable resistance both at legal as well as political fronts. The argument against the idea has emanated from diverse domains of society further accentuates that the negative sentiments against homosexuality is entrenched in our society. The social acceptance of such relationship in the society corrupted by rudimentary beliefs is really sceptic. The reasoning is while sex is personal choice marriage is a social institution and its legitimacy is rather governed by social acceptance rather than legal jurisdiction.

The major apprehension of the lawmakers is the increased aversions, discrimination and harassment that will be faced by gay couples once their relationship is public. Even after legalisation of homosexuality is a jaw dropping topic for 50% of the urban population. And such relations will face even more opposition in rural India.

India is a civilisation is largely governed by religious beliefs we can’t remain oblivious to them. We may make excuses but the fact that religious norms are equally, if not more, valued as the constitutional laws. And most of the religious leaders a clear demeanour about this and they believe it’s unnatural and is marked as a sin.

Another source of consternation is the consequence of such a relationship on the other social entities like family and friends who are often victims of persecutions by society even though they are not completely involved in the decision. Moreover, the prejudices that may be faced by children of these couples cannot be neglected. Pragmatically speaking such a relationship has greater implications that what seems at cursory glance.

Whether homosexuality is right or wrong is a subject of individual’s conscience. According to acceptable norms everyone grows up with a belief that heterosexuality is correct yet science has proved that there is nothing unnatural or wrong in being homosexual yet such an idea is esoteric. In this present scenario gay relationship has travelled a long journey from being considered as a lunacy to taboo, and finally withstanding all those hindrances they are in a position to demand social acceptance. However, it is still too early for their constitutional legitimacy unless proper awareness and propriety is generated. And in this era of liberalisation it is just a matter of time that gay marriages will be acceptable socially and legitimate constitutionally.        


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