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Kasab hanged!! Justice delivered??

Hotel Taj during 26/11 terrorist attacks
After his mercy petition was turned down by Honorable President of India on  November 5; Mohammad Ajmal Amir Kasab, sole survivor of the terrorist squad that tormented Mumbai for three days, was finally hanged to death on November 21 at 7:30 am in Yerwada Jail. The punishment, being executed 5 days before the fourth anniversary of India's most notorious terrorist attack labeled as 26/11, is seen as the final nail in coffin by the populace of the nation . Kasab, justifiably, had been an epitome of terror and evil as he had killed numerous innocent citizen including women and children. Moreover, he never showed any sign of guilt or remorse for his heinous act. It was really monstrous as he open-fired on unarmed horde of civilians. He deserved to be punished and he got what he had asked for. He might have felt the same fear. fear of death, as he walked down to the gallows. And thus in our great nation justice is finally delivered. But is it so??

Yes, Kasab was punished and the entire nation rejoiced his death, but justice is not delivered. Well, Kasab's  death is as insignificant as a stray dog's. He was dead the day he was caught. Kasab was just a trigger-man and a trigger-man is neutralised as soon as you snatch the gun. He was not the one who engineered 26/11 nor  he was the strategist, he was merely a tool. So how was his death sentence a justice? It was certainly not a justice for those who died, nor for those who lost their loved ones. It was not a justice for nation as the men who controlled Kasab, the true perpetrators are still free and "alive". For me it was barely an act of vengeance against a virtual culprit by virtual victim to hide its incompetence to punish the true criminals.

I wish to clarify that I am not denying the evil deeds of Ajmal Kasab, which in fact were unpardonable. But I  also want to urge the fellow citizens that the justice they are cherishing is hollow. I lament the death of Kasab, acknowledging the fact that his existence was despicable, because when we sentence someone to death, its not justice but our failure to save a soul.With this I would urge the readers to think and rethink the existence of death sentence as a form of punishment, have we fallen so low than we can't conceive of any other form of justice?        


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