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And, thus, we Start

"Well begun is half done", they say and as everyone else does, I believed them too. Therefore, I never started blogging even though I always wished to; waiting for a literary marvel, seeking a perfect name, I always wanted a perfect start. But as you might have noticed this, my very first post, is nothing extraordinary. So why, finally, I left the quest for perfectionism?

Well, the search for a perfect start of my endeavours, instead of encouraging me, made me procrastinate. I was never really satisfied enough by any of my article, so I didn't start blogging. With this I realised that in actuality importance of beginning is more profound than the perfect beginning. Its with time you achieve perfection.

Furthermore, a cursory glance on this world around provides several examples of imperfect beginnings leading to great implications. The most important of all is the imperfection in BIG BANG itself. As we all know every particle has an anti-particle but then why is there an asymmetry in there existence? This is due to some Quantum  Imperfections at the time of Big Bang, however, it must understood that this is due to this particle-antiparticle asymmetry that our existence is ensured. So, eventually I did quit my search for a grand opening and settled for this modest start while putting my trust on another famous saying of theirs(sayings that often contradict each other),"A great journey has a modest beginning." 

Finally I' ll conclude with few lines, considering my love for poetry :

Venture was new , nervous I was,
Contemplating every move I make.
Sensing the aura of this strange art,
And, thus, we start.


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