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What I did this Summer:Part I


You have a strange fulfilling sense when you have lived every day.  
When you have huge anticipation for something, it never turns out to be what you expected. But that should never stop you from anticipating things or planning for events because that provides you a benchmark for how well the experience actually was. And when the experience outweighs your expectation you know you rocked the day. 

Never before, the lanes of my memory have been so stocked as if stories are in perpetual grapple in my mind to reach my pen. It is as if you can pick a day and I can associate a piece of memory with it. I won't be lying if I say there was a time when I considered writing this blog post as a log of events but then my preference for classification over chronology dominated my writing style. 

"Earn and Spend" 
This is the fourth postulate of my philosophy for life which I did come across this summer and my vacation simply remained an exhibition of this principle. If I may elaborate upon it, I believe that money only has significance for an individual, when it is being realized in some way either earned or spent. If life is some sort of a journey with a definite end, all you can do is to explore more within that time in attempts to extract the maximum out of it. Now, to appreciate things there must be things to be appreciated and thus to strike this balance you have to add before you take and thus money chips in. For me, money loses its charm if it had not been earned by doing something that others might appreciate and then spent on something that you do. Money should always be in transition i.e. liquid; earned and spent.

Oh I did work!!

Intern of the Summer:

No, its not what happened to me.
In spite of all the fun I had while coding with my best pal Swapnil, InMobi still stands out to be the best intern. There is multitude of reasons for this: first exposure to corporate culture, the amazing people I met there (Nitya stands out to be the best of them) and vision that it inspired in me.  But, most of all, why I loved this intern has nothing to do with the intern per se; it was because of the efforts that I put in to get this intern imparted in me a sense of privilege that simply engulfed me every time I stepped into the office. After all Shawn Achor was definitely correct: It is something within you that makes you feel good or bad about something. 


Oh no, I don't work out! I am still in a perfect shape which now resembles a bamboo. InMobi lasted for 5 weeks and remainder of my vacation was spent making pushes and pulls in GitHub. Well if the codes had not been so confusing, server-side programming do has some charm especially when you are doing it while sitting your best buddy. I believe everything turns out to be fun if you do it while being indulged in top notch bakaiti.

Chill maddi! Enjoy maddi!
“I don't exactly know what I am required to say in order for you to have intercourse with me. But could we assume that I said all that. I mean essentially we are talking about fluid exchange right? So could we go just straight to the sex.”                                -by John Nash in A Beautiful Mind

I don't know why I had to include this quote but I loved it when I heard it and I just wanted to put it somewhere. It has no connections in what I am going to write in this blog (I won’t write stuffs where it might have some) so I would just brand it as my favorite dialogue this summer. 

I watched precisely ten movies this summer. OK I watched nine I wasn't watching the last one. To my misfortune, every time I came out of the hall I felt like I shouldn't have watched this one. The only relief is that my feelings were always shared by someone else as well. It is good to have company when you go for movies either you enjoy the movie or you bore the company. I have no idea why every filmmaker decided to dump his crap on the screen this vacation but I kept on watching and being tormented till the last drop of hope was oozed out of me. After all, what can a die hard movie fan do other than to suffer? 

Hangover III was definitely the best movie I watched. With no movie being any good with its story, at least Hangover was entertaining. I might also add that my decision slightly biased because of the company I had ( Abhishek and Vishaly ) and how it led to a night out in Bangalore and eventually I ended up sleeping in church(Even if it sounds crazy, it wasn't . It’s not that I didn't have any better movie experience, only that in that I barely watched the movies. There was a better person to watch and even better things to do ;-) .

I would definitely like to recall my meeting with Aditi here probably because this was the only one that didn't go too well. It was on the day succeeding my night out. I woke up at her call and I said "If you haven't yet come, please don't come" and what I received from the other end sounded like 'I am already there'. If you have ever gone out with a girl while you are dying to sleep you can relate to it. I don't suppose she enjoyed it much nor do I remember how I felt at that time. But, what I do remember is I bought six books that definitely helped me enjoy my time later.





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