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The Days of Maggi and Masala

If experiencing the unpleasant can trigger gleeful memories of past, then that spell in past must have been extraordinarily cheerful.  

When I last wrote a blog, I was still in college. Writing a blog was one of the leisure I could pursue given the luxury of time. But more importantly, writing a blog was testimony of my naive belief that an idea should always be expressed and mere expression of a thought can spark a change in itself. Such were those days. Today I am writing to pay reverence to a time when to me world still appeared to be salvable (I am not certain of it being a word, but it suited my purpose the most).   

"I am pissing steam"

It all started with today's fucking cold weather in Bangalore. Yes, to my surprise, it does get chilly here. Though, it is not really worrisome, but it did get me thinking about the steam pissing cold ( as Tanuj would put it) we used to have in the campus. Those were the times when I used to leave a laptop under my blanket with Call of Duty running on it, just to be warm. Those were the times when I looked out of the window at 10 am ( or was it 11?) in the morning just to go back to sleep hoping that no one would go for lectures (including the prof) after witnessing the thick bed of fog. The times when Gutlu and Guru could compete for the record in not bathing for months and when we used to go out at 2 am in the morning in that bone chilling just to have a hot cup of tea. Looking back, I really don't understand why we often forsook the warmth of our blankets and went out for a tea. Probably, there is something aesthetically pleasing in having a warm coffee in cold weather while discussing some hot topic(No double entendre intended). And this is what makes college memorable, the ability of a herd to collectively appreciate small experiences in life. 

Fuck Grades, Let's War. 

Well, nostalgic triggers are contagious. Once something has triggered a longing for past, all subsequent acts will only contribute to strengthening it. Maggi is back on shelves and in my belly reminding me that the last time I had Maggi, I was still in campus. Whenever I commence thinking about numerous packets of Maggi I had consumed in my college days, I always end up thinking about my 36 hours long gaming stride (Civ 5) with Gutlu. And all this was some 24 hours before our end terms(with Arun around we never had Testophobia). We did screw our grades but then who cares about grades when you have a whole world to conquer(pun intended). One of the things I learnt in college was competition is not always academic and even if you suck at studies you can still win in life ( You can be a FIFA champion). It is quite possible that I have lost other memories associated with Maggi due to lead poisoning but there is one anecdote I can still remember is when Sasanka went to order Maggi in the old canteen we ended up waiting for couple of hours. Apparently, the Canteen guy heard Sasanka saying "Main nahi Khaunga" instead "Maggi khaunga" and decided there was no order to be placed (Those who were a part of it can still get gigs out of it.)

Orgasmic Discourses

No, I have not spelled intercourse wrong, I really loved those debates. College was a time when we(or maybe it was just me) still believed that shouting out our beliefs can really help us in changing the society we lived in. Heated discussions were common phenomenon and I happened to be a part of most of them. When god was saved and slaughtered in A-127 and purpose of life was being defined and mulled over. The onus of building a civilized society laid on our young shoulders and thus no topic was left untouched. The ethics, nation and all our imagination were put to test in those sessions of verbal sparring. The magnitude of effort that we used to put into proving out points and disproving others(and sometimes accepting their point) inevitably resulted in the complexity that we attained in our understanding. If I am defined by my thoughts, most of them are borrowed from these altercations. So, essentially, I am defined by the people I argued with. 

I can keep rambling about things I miss from my college days but that is not the objective of this post. This post is not only a reminiscence of some remarkably wonderful days but a tribute to all those who made those days possible. It was us(one and all) who at some point in past created a moment that will always be cherished by each of one of us, Our college days were days of fun and learning and what not but they should also serve as a constant reminder of our ability to create wonderful memories and touch lives.

We come across in fate's bound, 
Strangers meet and friends're found. 
A life's truth, we must embrace,
 Every contact leaves a trace.

Miss you Guys!


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