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What I did this Summer: Part II

Truth is like the town whore. Everybody knows her, but nonetheless, it's embarrassing to meet her on the street. 

In this blog, I have purposely omitted a few names because of the sensitive nature of the content, rather, the sensitive nature of the parents of those who are referred in it. I, unfortunately being the author of this post, do not possess the privilege of anonymity and thus, I sincerely hope that my parents are not reading it.

This blog is second of the three part series: What I did this summer and mostly covers my account of various incidents that I was willingly and sometimes unwillingly a part of. It seems all my friends were busy writing their love stories last semester as this summer I was suddenly overwhelmed by the introduction of new characters in my life and soon I became a part of romantic extravaganzas of several others in addition to my own.

I would have started my story from Bangalore: how I tried to convince my friend’s girlfriend to have a night-out with him (yeah! I do sometimes play nice but she happens to believe otherwise) but eventually failed; thanks to her cell phone and frantic calls from her dad. But, instead, I would like to focus directly on the one that began this summer in Ranchi because I would like to believe that I played a significant part in its architecture and also, there is a strange thing about small city romances; they are simply more interesting.

Crazy Stupid Love

Love was in the air, and at all awkward places.
Since we are on the topic, I would like to tell you something about Ranchi. First, in Ranchi you won’t find a single hot chick even if you waste six hours of your time roaming in the best part of the town. I have verified this at three different occasions with 3 different people with no particular improvement in the end-results and arrived at three alternative conclusions. Either there are no beautiful girls in Ranchi(I certainly don't wish to believe it) or they forsake the city at some point in their life or they simply don’t come out in open. In any case, Ranchi is definitely not the place for bird-watching. This is simply an observation and has little implications on the remainder of the post. Second, if you have lived in the city for long enough, every now and then you will have chance encounters with some distantly known face. Once, I was in a mall with an old friend, Prerna, and one of her friends noticed her. Worse part was she was accompanied by her mom who happened to know my mom and from the looks of her (mom) it was obvious that she had evidently assumed that we (I and Prerna) were in a relationship and that there were no gains in explaining otherwise. Throughout my stay I kept bumping into people at moments when I would have appreciated some privacy.

Anyhow, what make love stories interesting in cities like Ranchi is how meticulously the dates are planned and how so many others get involved in these love stories (sometimes those who don’t even exist). Couples so often sacrifice their cherished privacy in order to possess an explanation against any such chance encounter which is not so improbable. Often dates end up being a quest for private moments while being surrounded by a cluster of friends or adrenalin charged adventure when you dare to go out only with your girlfriend.

Waking up at 7 is terribly early when you have slept at 6 o'clock and I had no intentions of doing so only that you have no other options when your friend (let us call him X) is about to leave unprecedented because of his grandfather’s unplanned death on the day when the other friend (thus to be called Y) sleeping beside you is still lost in dreams of his first planned death sorry date. I am still ashamed of it but circumstances did make me laugh at that moment. X was essential to Y’s plan and his grandfather who had hitherto never existed in our lives made an appearance from oblivion just to return to it. The thought simply intrigued me that there are people whose life has no significance in your life, but how their death can so strangely affect your death ( By the way, we did carry on with the idea and I ended up watching a movie which was in a perpetual state of slow motion along with two other girls who were equally bored as I was. At times, the love story going on the seat beside me seemed more tempting than the one being put up.

In the meadows and in solitude
with no one else nearby
the only sound I hear be yours
and on your lap, my head lie  

This is an excerpt from the poem written by Y for his girlfriend whom I, hereafter, will refer to as Bimbo. It is not that I believe she is a bimbo (to be forthright I don’t know that yet) but then when you want anonymity and let me fill alias for your names, you pay the price for it. Anyway when you notice these lines you are pretty sure that the crazy, stupid love was on. Even if it was too early to be called love but it was definitely crazy and stupid. Y was walking into signpost; someone has truly said love is blind. Not that I am any good in dealing with things like these, but then this is my blog and when I have others to make fun of why should I put myself through troubles.

The crazy climax to this story was when Bimbo was leaving for college, Y went to see her off at the station where Bimbo’s dad was present as well. I was pledged a KFC treat if they get to meet only that I had to accompany him to the battle zone. Still, I happen to believe that there was nothing generous about the offer because I was the one who had to ensure that Y is finally sent to hospital after being beaten in case things go wrong. It was the life Vs KFC deal and only relief I had was it was his life on line. Fortunately for him, it did go smoothly. They did meet in the toilet of the train while Bimbo’s dad was in her coach and I happen to believe that they didn’t go through the entire plight just to say hello (but still guys get a room). I would also like to add that the train happened to be Rajadhani so if by chance Y would have failed to get down he would have been able to do so after some 150 miles and I don’t really want to think what would have happened if they were caught. So much for love!!

Love is curious. It makes us do things that we would have never dreamt of doing otherwise. Things that are blatantly stupid. We at times take so many risks just to spend few moments together. We do stuffs that we ourselves think are logically insane. But, isn't it what we all want. Don’t we all wish if we could somehow add insanity to monotony of our lives and yet we couldn't find reasons to do so? Don’t get me wrong I don’t intend to say that all love adds to our life is fun and insanity (I wish it did) but I believe that love gives us at least one reason to be a bit stupid in our lives. To me, deep down, every one at some point of time wishes to say what Y said and I quote: This girl makes me crazy.  


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