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New Horizons: Me, You and Nobody Else

"The world has enough to stay new everyday"
When I woke up on Wednesday, January the First, miraculously I was almost the same person who slept last night (or rather on the same morning). I had similar thoughts, convictions, prejudices and apprehensions. But, apart from multitude of these attributes that sum up to be my consciousness, there were things which were still hovering in my mind that elicited a sense of continuity towards 2014 from 2013. To shun this staleness and finally have a taste of brisk New Year morning (which I am eventually enjoying today), I dedicated my day 1 to purge away with everything that were clogging my senses from experiencing the liveliness of a nascent year. But this blog is not about what I did on day 1, nor about what I did on those 365 day that flew by; this blog is about etchings of the bygone year that will be palanquined reverentially in this New Year and never be forgone. 

Arsenal still tops the EPL chart (the Dane finally saved a day), Sherlock has finally been released, ongoing live recreation attempt of Nayak in Delhi by an ultra-populist AAP and as I traverse back in time myriads of memories will come flocking and every one of them are worth cherishing. Battles lost and won, love missed and found, dreams conceived and thrashed. There were fair shares of grief and joy and amid all I was shaped. In this learner’s paradise called life I kept on collecting new insights everyday and learnt more about Me, You and Nobody Else


I learnt that what I vividly imagine and ardently desire is a life of suffused of happiness. I realised that happiness is symbol of conquest in my conflict to control the consequences of my efforts against the cosmos. To put it rather plainly, happiness is derived out of inhuman effort and endurance to achieve a goal. Thus, strenuous moments are often ubiquitously marked by happy moments and stressed-out and relaxed idling away of time is often devoid of it.  I sensed that these interludes of gaiety are the true essence of living and it is within my grasp (rather exclusively) to make myself happy and heretofore I carry forward this resolve with utmost conviction: Every endeavour that I will set myself upon, every challenge that I will subject myself to, every principle that I will compel myself to adhere will be solely directed towards personal gratification. 


I came to accept your contribution in consciously and unconsciously shaping in my existence. The nuances in your philosophies, the intellectually simulating altercations among us and your intemperate belief in your unprecedented success incite me as well. You are the ones whose beliefs often expose me to a new reality in life, whose successes enthral me, at times evoke envy but more often than not inspire me to aim, endure and achieve.You are the ones with whom I share all my absurd revelation and plans of grandeur. You teach me how to follow goals assiduously and how to enjoy in languid lectures.You are the ones with whom I have wandered through the pot-full-streets of small town lost in big dreams efficiently checking out chics. You are the ones who challenge my beliefs, compel me to think and hit new depths and when I return from those abyss of thoughts I am a better self. You the ones with whom I ludicrously share lewdness of our lives, you entice me and I entertain you. Finally, Nishi, you are the one who might just be the one. When I wrote each line of this paragraph I knew whom I am alluding to in that line but I refrained from using their names.  But a veiled reference to you would never have been apt exhibition of your influence in my year and life. I could have written a lot but then you know all that I have to say. You can make me happy, in that way you do something that only I can do to myself. 

Nobody Else

Finally, I have drifted from my Temporary Agnosticism towards Atheism. The profusion of evidence for evolution convinces any rational thinker of the de facto truth of Atheism. The absence of such supernatural, super-intelligent creator who controls, monitors, intervenes and presides over all our actions is truly more enriching. You can now appreciate the complexity that a simple set of rules can attain over vast scale of time. It broadens your spectrum to envisage more possibilities and acknowledge that it is only your responsibility and is within your ability to attain them. There is no omnipresent, omniscient power to perform a miracle and conjure it into being. You now see the cosmos as it is and admire it for its magnificence, you don’t need angels and demons to be lurking behind it.  Most of us are born theist because we are born to theist parent, we are not offered to choice between Darwinism and Creationism but as we grow conscious of how flawed the arrangement is, we need to drift away from it without the fear aggrieving someone. Trust your judgement, there is no one up there who will be offended.    

And BTW, A Happy New Year!! Make this one count!!  


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