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A for AAP, A for Anarchy?

Disclaimer: Information presented in this blog is partly true and partly a product of my imagination. If in anyway it hurts your political sentiments learn to live with it. Who told you the world is fair??  

“No, no, no… once someone has sat on a hunger strike for a cause, the genuineness of that cause has been established intrinsically. -AAP Philosophy

AAP does signify a change in Indian politics. AAP symbolises a shift in our elections from vote-buying to agenda-selling. It brought elections to our FB posts and Tweets. AAP made politics, which happened to be a fashion disaster, a personality statement. Youths, who are often blatantly ignorant of the party’s agendas, find it hip to be associated with AAP; improves street-cred. As if being affiliated to AAP renders them some sort of political righteousness and help them to be perceived as a member of an intellectual segment. It has become analogous to “Eh Man! I am apolitical” of pre-AAP days. I am not denying their contributions in Indian politics and I sincerely hope that there are many yet to come but still there ways do call for some scepticism. There are the signs that insinuate about the shortcomings of AAP’s approach. Not everything that AAP is feeding us is healthy. Following paragraph has a satirical tone and is not factually accurate, however you should try to get the gist of it. If you are staunch AAP fan, I swear to have nothing against it but, at times, it makes me wonder.   

Of all AAPs accomplishments one that will always be remembered is how after colonial era INC, it has become the other political party that has organised so many successful protests and dharnas, only difference being those dharnas often hampered British economy and these encumber Indian. Furthermore, AAP is so obsessed with dharnas that it has recently decided to make it an official mode of communication of the party. Glimpses of this where recently observed when CM of Delhi decided to talk to its ally in state govt. Congress regarding an issue with two police officers he had to leave his office unattended and sit at Rajpath. For AAP there was nothing wrong and unconstitutional for a CM to resort to agitation and street in the same state where he has been elected and sworn to instate order. 

“They may call us anarchist and all this bullshit. The people will kill those critics.  We believe dharnas are essential for democracy. They are really flashy and heroic and suit our Tweet the Toilets marketing policy. ” one of the senior AAP leaders replied to the media on the BJP’s accusations on being anarchists.

On the other hand, to commemorate AAP achievements, Central Govt. gave in to AAP’s illegitimate demand. They didn’t give in to Somnath Bharti’s demands because they were not supposed. Moreover, Indian laws does permit arbitrary search and even, trafficking laws are there to protect victims and not to criminalise them. But AAP in its self-righteousness has decided to undermine the law.  The central govt. has also decided to give AAP’s Dharnas a judicial status. After all, if they were sufficient to prove dereliction of duty on policemen’s part, they could also very well indict murderer. Oh! Let us just do away with the judicial procedures, we should just wait and watch which side the omniscient and the righteous AAP protects for and the justice is done. AAP never bothered about the inconvenience that was caused to working class commuters when they held Rajpath at Ransom.  To extend its unconditional support to AAP, Central Govt. has decided to consider dharnas as a standard of progress of a state as they had once branded Vasectomy as one. The rookie in the business was the master of the art as AAP's Delhi proved to be the most progressive.

As I stated, AAP is a change, a change which was thoroughly needed. People are aware, Politicians are awake. AAP is revolutionary but is it evolutionary. In moments like these we need to introspect whether in all this commotion, the stability that can ensure development is not being sacrificed.


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