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Zombie Living

Abeyance is the one word that can summarize an entire month of my life. I have now witnessed how procrastination can lead to total inactivity which was unprecedented to me, heretofore. I would not say it is a very common experience in daily life yet fortunate ones (generally suffering from acute depression etc.) get to observe the ultimate prowess of procrastination. You essentially need to be procrastinating on every single activity which is not forced upon you by nature or college administration for a month to finally attain this state which I shall christen as Zombie Living.

Zombie Living is a state where as a college student all you seek is basic necessity (Food, Sleep and TV series) and attend to most primitive responsibilities (maintaining attendance and copying tutorials).Zombie Living is, quintessentially, living by a code somewhat like a samurai: If I am at my room I shall watch TV series unless I am too tired to watch it, If I am out I am copying tutorial or sleeping in a lecture or looking fuddled in a practical. Oh yeah I never said it’s a good code, Zombie Living is living by a bad code.

However convenient this lifestyle might appear to be, it is utterly wasteful. What is being wasted is the precious time which drifts away accounting to nothing. Many of college students flaunt a lifestyle very similar to it without even realizing that they don’t really want it. We just succumb to it because it’s the easiest one. This lifestyle is just a result of procrastination from we really want. And we procrastinate because we are scared to pursue our dreams, we are scared that reality won’t be as perfect as our imagination, we are scared of the path that it would not be as exciting as the end, we are scared that we are not able and thus we put off things we should be acting upon.

We are very poor at managing our procrastination. Even if we know that we are procrastinating, it is difficult to overcome . It is like a old habit that would never die. This blog is my attempt to break away for this Zombie Living where I have been captivated by my own fears of failure and frailty. In this blog I have not concerned myself with a topic rather I have just tried to provide words to my dull senses. I wanted to come up with something so that it can offer hope to many other things to come.

I wish to free myself from this cage where despair is my inmate. I wish to walk in open, bask in sun, drink from the brook before I stretch my wings and fly with my dreams.


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