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Zombie Living

Abeyance is the one word that can summarize an entire month of my life. I have now witnessed how procrastination can lead to total inactivity which was unprecedented to me, heretofore. I would not say it is a very common experience in daily life yet fortunate ones (generally suffering from acute depression etc.) get to observe the ultimate prowess of procrastination. You essentially need to be procrastinating on every single activity which is not forced upon you by nature or college administration for a month to finally attain this state which I shall christen as Zombie Living.

Zombie Living is a state where as a college student all you seek is basic necessity (Food, Sleep and TV series) and attend to most primitive responsibilities (maintaining attendance and copying tutorials).Zombie Living is, quintessentially, living by a code somewhat like a samurai: If I am at my room I shall watch TV series unless I am too tired to watch it, If I am out I am copying tutorial or sleeping in a lecture or looking fuddled in a practical. Oh yeah I never said it’s a good code, Zombie Living is living by a bad code.

However convenient this lifestyle might appear to be, it is utterly wasteful. What is being wasted is the precious time which drifts away accounting to nothing. Many of college students flaunt a lifestyle very similar to it without even realizing that they don’t really want it. We just succumb to it because it’s the easiest one. This lifestyle is just a result of procrastination from we really want. And we procrastinate because we are scared to pursue our dreams, we are scared that reality won’t be as perfect as our imagination, we are scared of the path that it would not be as exciting as the end, we are scared that we are not able and thus we put off things we should be acting upon.

We are very poor at managing our procrastination. Even if we know that we are procrastinating, it is difficult to overcome . It is like a old habit that would never die. This blog is my attempt to break away for this Zombie Living where I have been captivated by my own fears of failure and frailty. In this blog I have not concerned myself with a topic rather I have just tried to provide words to my dull senses. I wanted to come up with something so that it can offer hope to many other things to come.

I wish to free myself from this cage where despair is my inmate. I wish to walk in open, bask in sun, drink from the brook before I stretch my wings and fly with my dreams.


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Riding To Day's End

You look at your smartphone screen and try to calculate how much time will the cab driver take to finally reach your location. You acknowledge that, given the traffic in your city, the time you see on your screen may be quite off. You try to estimate whether you can squeeze in the final mail you want to drop before you call it a day. DROP, as if emails are bombs. They probably are. You click on the red compose button and, before the box opens, try to steal another peak. If ever every microsecond mattered, it is now. You start typing and notice how slow you are. You should have taken that touch-typing workshop in the college. Every 30 secs, you try to steal a peek at the dimly lit smartphone screen. You think you can pull it off. You have a mild sense of achievement and a smile sprinkled over your face. You are just there. 
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Biting winds pierce by Ripping my soul into shreds Cold night that muffles me Whispers only of winter ahead.
I dare not hope for a fireplace Nor heat of a rug do I aim I seek that flickering candle-light To help me have some warmth in dream
Battered body, tattered soul Demand only one reply With goals lost and dreams crushed Why, o man, you still not die?

The above poem is merely a rephrasing of Robert Frost's poem A Question with my words and absorption of the core idea. The poem throws light on the immense pain and suffering that accompanies almost everyone's life; then, enquires meaning and worth of such an existence. Here is Robert Frost's original poem which is more lyrical and succinct.
A voice said, look me in the stars, And tell me truly, man of earth, If all the body-and-soul scars Were not too much to pay for birth.

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"I desire things that will destroy me in the end" -- Sylvia Plath While looking out of my balcony, I can always spot a single star in the sky. Probably with the pollution level in Bangalore , the dim ones are hard to spot. If it was southern sky, I could bet it was Sirius. But I don't know what direction it is in and I am too lazy to make any efforts to find out. Moreover the name of the star does not matter. However, it has a similar symbolic significance for me as green light had Fitzgerald's Gatsby. A dream well conceived , clearly visualised and yet beyond grasp. A dream thoroughly cherished and yet unattained. This brings me to another haunting question. How do people start dreaming whatever they start dreaming about? Frankly, it's Gatsby who comes to rescue. Gatsby's dream incidentally was a outcome of exposure to the girl( I wish I remembered her but I don't even care about finding right now) .   We can't dream of things we cannot envisage. I t…