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Finally, I'll be leaving for Delhi tonight. Most of my friends believe it's too early considering my classes start from 2nd and above it, unfortunate as I will be missing New Year's celebrations. But, that's what my friends think not me. As far as New Year is concerned, such celebrations are not my style. I often get enough pleasure observing events, behaviour and anomalies in everyday life, so I don't really need days like New Year. About being early, bearing in mind how I feel regarding this semester, I don’t feel like I am being early. I need enough time to settle down and get things started.

Stating from my last year's experience, spring semesters are rather laid back compared to autumn. Lack of new avenues to explore or engage, a carried over sluggishness of previous semester and my affinity to sleep in winters and springs are a few of the several reasons that make a dull semester. Furthermore, absence of Tarang has leached all hopes of fun from a DPTian's mind. From this perspective, there aren't many on-campus activities to expect in II-II.

And yet I am overjoyed by this sense of anticipation when I think of this upcoming semester as if everything depends on this one, and may be its true. This semester is in fact vital because of this some sort of life-defining ability possessed by it. I shall try to elaborate. My last three semester have all been progressive (from the point of view of my parents derogatory, but then everyone is entitled to have their own opinion). I might have screwed up my grades and my interest in physics has witnessed a great demise but at I have evolved a lot as a person.  I have explored several opportunities and developed new interest, all worth pursuing as career opportunities. I have developed a thing for statistical analysis, study of behaviour patterns and cause-effect speculations. I have progressed spiritually as well, learning more of myself. With every semester adding more to me in some way or the other, it seems to me that DPT wasn't that bad a choice. And here comes 2-2 where I'll finally make subtle calculations and chose a path to move on. I am too sure what I won't be, it seems time has to find out what I can be.  


  1. i went through your works...i dunno about optimism but yeah 1 think was very much obvious from ever piece of writing - self-obsession.
    apart from that undoubtedly you are a great writer and your writings have a perfect blend of matter and humour
    all the best!

  2. How can't you be self-obsessed when you are so amazing? Just kidding, I'll try to veil my self-obsession in future.:P


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