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Alas! the Last Week

This blog is to commemorate the most depressing week of this semester, the one blotted with “much-awaited” End Terms. But, don’t worry I am not one of those talented nine pointers who commemorate a week because they have End Terms in it. As a matter of fact, I have reached such standards that I am totally nonchalant about the existence and significance of such exams (yeah! I have screwed my end terms once again). Getting back to the point, this week is worth mentioning because it has been a week full of strange observation related to exams. You might have guessed why my grades suck? Well, when others were busy consummating the syllabus I was busy making these weird observations.

Academic Poverty: Well, so exams were close and being an ideal (idle) student I went to my friend’s room to find out names of the courses we were studying in this semester. Later, I conducted an exhaustive search for the books, suggested by my friends for these courses I was supposed to be studying, in artfully piled debris of clothes. Soon, I was struck by the realization of my academic poverty which I have termed as course book destitution (a situation when you have no course books in your room) due to my taste for economics. So, to eradicate this state of emergency, I paid a visit to the library and began a thorough search for a particular book (popularly known as Peeli Kitaab) and and then I learnt how difficult it is to search for a book when all you know is its colour.

Preparatory Rush Hours:  Hours before exams when everyone else is stressed out, I was dumbstruck at my own serenity. Don’t take it otherwise; I was not indicating that I am one of those Super Ghissus who finish their syllabus beforehand. My nonchalance can be attributed to my self-belief, the faith that staying unprepared won’t have any implications on my exams, I’ll screw up anyway.Another fact that none can deny  is how their minds reach the peak of their efficiency at times like these especially while tackling issues such as time management. I watched around 44 hours of TV series, several movies, played two PC games and did everything else I couldn't find time for in my under-loaded usual schedule still I managed ample time for a cursory glance through the slides. Maybe, it is what they call time dilation: “Faster you do stuffs, slower is the time for you.(or was it something else).”  

It’s Never About What You Know: Scoring in exams is an art for me, where grades are totally independent of your knowledge. It’s never about what you know but what you show. May be I’m sounding like an adrenalin junkie but idea of writing a paper after mugging the topic never excites me. Anyone can answer a question he has studied( Where’s the challenge?). So, when I take a paper, I spend half an hour figuring out the meaning of  various terms and when I conceive some sense out of a question, I draw an analogy from some known situation and answer it. Sometimes, they are relevant and at other times, well leave it. So, finally everything depends on how good you are at gossiping, after all, Bhakchodi me hi talent hai. I remember someone(no, every dumb someone isn't me!) has once answered the difference between C and C++ as:
C is just C whereas C++ has ++ along with C. We study C in first semester and C++ in second semester

This is the time to conclude and prepare for the last paper scheduled tomorrow morning and finally the week that thrashed my dreams of academic salvation will be over.

Acknowledgement: Well, here I would like thank my friend Tanuj for all the exam time bakars we often have and finally saving my ass by shredding his gyan at times of desperate need.


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