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If you wish to do, Dream!

"People's dream don't ever end".   - Marshall D. Teach in OP

I am going to use this post as a confession. A confession of the most heinous crime in the eyes of those who understand the act of living. I, hereby, confess my inability to dream. No, I am not talking about Insomnia. Well, that's another problem for some other day. What I am talking about is something which is intrinsic to someone who is truly alive : Aspirations. Somehow, somewhere in the process of existing I have lost the essence of living. I have lost all desires and yet I am not content. 

Well, I know it might appear as if I am just scribbling words , pouring down nonsensical strings. Therefore, I feel elaborate on everything that that I have mentioned above. I think, I shall let you know what I experienced today in the most comprehensive manner with only limitations being my vocabulary and your imaginations. And this is the only way I help you understand what I feel tonight. 

I was watching a YouTube video featuring Napoleon Hill , the famed author of Think and Grow Rich. He was talking about his fortunate encounter with Andrew Carnegie as a young man. He was recollecting a lesson Carnegie taught him which could be summarized as "A man's thought are the only thing that prevents him from achieving what he desires."  Being a master in the art of communication, Napoleon has very well vocalized the lesson. I recommend you all to view it once. The link is at the end of this blog. Close to the end of the video, Napoleon urges his viewers to perform a simple activity, he asks them to write down their idea of success or a dream that they want to fulfill. He encourages them to be bold with no restrictions other than the ones put up by their own mind. 

And this is when it occurred to me. I had gone completely blank. I couldn't even envisage an image of myself being successful. I couldn't even portray a picture of myself that I could admire. My mind has become so cynical, so adept at rationalizing that it was no longer allowing me transgress the boundaries of my rational being and visualize a successful me. I could no longer DREAM. 

Every time I tried to push myself beyond the limits my thoughts would just pull me back. My mind would throw at me tens of reasons on why what I wish could not be? For instance, even before I could imagine myself as the richest person in the world , it would drag me away from that portrayal explaining why it was virtually impossible for me to be the richest person in the world. It would do the same every time I imagined something extraordinary. I was somehow limited by my own belief of being ordinary. 

I am still wondering what could be the reason for my mind act in the way it did. Have I made an unconscious acceptance of the fact that I am not going to achieve anything beyond ordinary in my life, Or is it a defense mechanism, that saves me from getting scarred in an unpredictable world by compelling me to be content with everything ordinary I have? Whatever it might be, the one that I could clearly acknowledge was my thought's contribution in preventing me from chasing a better reality, My own consciousness has somehow convinced me into clinging on to the things I never cared for . 

And it was through the constraints of my own thoughts that I committed what is no doubt the greatest sin for a living soul. I became dreamless. With a dream comes purpose, and purpose define milestones, and your milestone dictate actions and actions require considerations which lead to choice and what is life if not an act of making deliberate choices. Without dreams you have no choice but to flow meaninglessly with tides of time. And if you are just flowing mindlessly then you are not living soul. You are a machine toiling to achieve someone else's whim as you don't have a  will of your own. 

And then I realized how correct James Allen was in stating "A man is as he thinketh". If you can't picture what you can be, you can't be it. It is that straight-forward. You can only achieve what you can believe in, You can believe something only if you can think about it in the first place.  And so you must not limit your thoughts at anytime in any possible way. Never tell yourself that something can't be done. You must be ready to dream your dream no matter how big it is. For every thing that is grand and great around you, must have been a dream once. 

And with this final sentence in my mind, I pen down my dream in life, which was really hard to reach at actually: 

A hall, full of people, goes silent as I enter it not from fear but reverence , Here comes a man whose life is imbued with experience. It is not the sort of experience earned by existing for many years but by living every moment to the fullest potential.   A man who has created for living and not consumed for existing. I am a person whose words could change their lives as they know I have earned the right to speak every word that I utter. I am a man who can chose where to live, how to live and what to create everyday. 

That's my dream, what's yours?

Here is the link to Hill's video.


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