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Whiling away a Wintry Night Part- II

PART-II: Life is to live

Bewildered by the announcement, I rushed towards the ticket counter and enquired about trains to SRE. “You don’t have one from Delhi; there is one from NZM station. You can take an EMU for NZM station. They are frequent enough, you can get one anytime.” EMUs are what you may term as locals. I must say the idea to take a local was not worth embracing especially at 1:30 am keeping in mind the rising crime portfolio of nation’s capital.  All of a sudden I recalled this fancy dialogue from “Risky Business”:

“Every now and then say, “What the f**k!” coz WTF gives you freedom; freedom gives you opportunity and opportunity makes your future.”

It was not pretty much in context but I just wanted to mention it anyway. It’s my blog after all. So, I said WTF, I’ll just go to NZM, what other choices I had anyway. So, I boarded the EMU. Now, there is stark difference behaviour of the passengers during daytime and nights; in broad daylight our first priority is comfort but in nights comfort is overridden by the need of security. Therefore, it is as if nights unite us with same crowd we are repelled from during the day. It seems night truly has some profound effect on mating of souls after all (no pun intended).  

But maybe it was adrenalin rush after recently encountered WTF moment that led to my adventurous decision or it was simply out of my distaste for unification with hordes, I landed up in coach with only two companions.  But, this loneliness offered me something, something I truly deserved, silence to mourn my misfortune. What new strategy I can come up with? What is worse than travelling alone in a foggy night? Wait a minute! Fog, chill, empty coach, a silent moonlit night and all I needed is perfect vista to have one of those weird solitary night-outs I had always imagined for myself. And thus, I peeped out of my window to behold the picturesque view. Train was crossing a bridge (I am not sure but it might be Shivaji bridge or Tilak bridge) and you could just glance over the mist-covered skyline of Delhi well decorated with neon-lit names of buildings. You can’t just have enough of it in one mere sight so I descended on that unknown station to have better impression. For minutes I stood there gazing, admiring and feeling the serenity of saint who has discovered transcendence. How can’t you be poetic about life?

For all those who are still wondering what my next survival strategy would be, you didn’t get it yet. In reality we don’t need a survival strategy at all; why are we so concerned about surviving when we can actually live? Well, we human get distressed when things don’t go as planned; we have pleasant times and troubled times. Some of us go even beyond that, they find troubles conceited in pleasant things. “Storm is on the way, it’s no time for amusement.” But will being anxious prevent that storm? Why can’t we take a reverse approach and search for presents veiled in these troubles. Why can’t accept and enjoy them and maybe, utilise them in some ways? Instead of considering it a setback, why can’t we turn it in a boon? Don’t get me wrong I am not asking you succumb to your fears, use it as excuse and don’t fight back, all I am requesting is when you put up a fight don’t get distressed, enjoy it. Find small things to cherish even in most unfortunate times. When there are sufferings, don’t just survive it, live through it. Most times you would learn how that storm had been helpful to you when its over, why can't we just assume that from the beginning. Living or Surviving won’t change the path, you’ll still have roadblocks, pain and worries, but your perception of them will certainly improve the journey and eventually the destination.

Yeah, they might be big talks, but then, don’t we have grand dreams? Just ponder over it.


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